Been busy as always so finally getting around to a post on my backpack and lunchbox I designed/sewed last summer/fall.

I’ve always been the most interested in sewing bags of sorts so I guess a backpack was destined to come along sooner or later. I spent a lot of time looking at different ones online while designing my pattern and I eventually decided I wanted to try a roll top/dry bag style closure.

There were definitely a few hang ups during this project that made me leave it for a period of time before I was brave enough to try and move forward but after thinking about it I was always able to figure out a way to make it work.

Finished it midway through last school year so I’ve been using for a few months now so can confirm it was a successful project. In it’s short life it has survived carrying all sorts of textbooks and notebooks, been on multiple hikes and traveled to three different countries.

I somewhat regret the pinkish accent color choice but I can deal with it.

I apologize in advance for the some of the downright awful image quality.


Photos from various stages of the project.


Lunchbox attaches under flap!! (photo creds to little Sam 🙂 )


Backpack in action.

There will probably be a long break in posts for a while now since I’m at school and don’t have any crafting supplies with me (sadness!) but I’m sure I’ll be back at it as soon as I’m home. Keep on crafting on!


T-shirt Quilt

I’d been planning on doing a t-shirt quilt for few years now. I don’t usually quilt but I did find it fun figuring out how I was going to arrange the colors and make it all fit together. I eventually settled on only using my running and skiing t-shirts in order to keep it a little less eclectic. It still managed to be really colorful. When figuring out what I wanted to do outside the t-shirts I found some quilts with equilateral triangles that I really liked so I worked with that and sketched out a few different options before deciding on the pattern I did. Used cotton batting and flannel on the back along with light weight fusible interfacing on the t-shirt pieces to minimize the stretch. It took me a while to figure out an efficient way to accurately cut out all those triangles but once I did it was fairly smooth sailing there on out. Really happy with how it all lined up, fit together and turned out.



If anyone wants better instructions with what size to cut everything out let me know in comments and I could make that happen.

Cork-board Up-cycle, Laundry Bag and T-shirt

Apparently I’m a college student now?! Moved into my dorm this week and as a crafty person I had a few projects up my sleeve that kept me busy in the last weeks before leaving. The biggest one was my t-shirt quilt. That one was so big however I decided it needed it’s own post (coming very soon, I promise). Here are the eclectic remains.

Cork-board up-cycle. Easy and cheap but ended up super nice.

-apply multiple coats of paint to frame and let dry

-cut fabric to size of board plus frame


-put pushpins in corners and along long edges and trim corners


-use back of butter knife (or similar) to tuck in fabric between frame and cork-board


-leave pins in corners to keep it from shifting

-add photos, calendar, etc.


Next in my project line up: I sewed a (hanging!) laundry bag. I’d seen a few laundry bags on pinterest and decided it would be a useful thing while living in a dorm so I whipped up something similar and added a few loops so I could hang it on clothes hangers.


Pocket is nice for stain remover and quarters for the dryer. Drawstring and shoulder strap make it easy to carry. Been using one week and it’s been working great. (For you information, mom, it does in fact fit a whole load of laundry.)


So much sciencey sass…

Last and also least, I made a stencil and painted on a t-shirt.  (Science puns are the best!!) I really like using the cheap plastic folders you can get in school supplies to make the stencils and fabric spray pain whenever I do shirts.

That’s all for now! Stay crafty.

Ski Ties

So I’ve been really busy this year and have not posted in a very long time (oops) but I have a backlog of projects now to hopefully multiple posts this month to catch up a bit. Some time ago (aka this post has been a draft for over a year) my Nordic ski team made it to state. We have a tradition of giving each other small gifts at our pre-meet carboload. I wanted to do something that I could make, was reasonably priced and something people would actually use. I was really excited when I thought of the idea of making ski ties because I knew it would fit all three. If you don’t know too much about cross country skiing, ski ties are used to keep the bottom surfaces of your skis together so the sticky “kick” wax on classic skis doesn’t get dust/dirt/ect. in it or get rubbed off on skate skis and slow them down. Well actually that explanation probably made no sense unless you ski so, bottom line; ski ties keep your skis together. Anyways, it cost me about $12 for 10 sets of ski ties plus about 6 hours of time. I LOVE the fabrics I found. Working on making a pattern so if you check back later this month it will hopefully be up. Happy sewing!



As promised I am finally posting on the Christmas gifts I made this year. College apps/scholarship apps/school/sports have had me busyyyyyyy.

The main thing I did were these wood boards with sayings printed on them. The idea came of Pinterest as they do. It’s actually quite easy to do this. Find an image you want to print and print the mirror image of it (with a normal printer!) and glue it (I used mod podge) face down onto the board. Make sure all bubbles are pressed out of it. Let it dry overnight, then get it wet and rub off all the paper (make sure you get it all off). The image stays! Coat with another layer of Mod Podge or other craft glue/sealer. There are a whole bunch of full tutorials for this out there so if you want one look it up. Sorry my pictures aren’t the best for this.


My other project I was super excited about. It was for one of my friends whom we had decided one of my friends has the arctic fox as her spirit animal. It wasn’t too difficult; just sew the fox, stiffen it with fabric stiffener and put Christmas lights in it. It’s a fox… and a lamp!The full pattern can be found here:


I’m almost done with a backpack I’ve been sewing so hopefully post on that soon… Until then, Happy Crafting!


Coaches’ Collages

Once again, it’s been a while… school, homework, nordic ski team, collage apps(!!!)… I’ve been pretty busy! Not too busy for some crafty ventures though!

This project was a gift for my cross country coaches. After five years it’s crazy to think it was my last season on their team. Over the season I had a calendar up in our locker room and every day I would add a new running picture.

IMG_20140917_075638602 IMG_20141114_075500

After the season ended we didn’t really need the pictures and we really needed coaches gifst. Since we had limited funds this was the perfect idea. I bought two 24″x 24″ plywood boards at the home improvement store and used some mod podge to glue the pictures on. I painted the edges black with some black acrylic paint and used two i-hooks and some wire so they would be hangable. I don’t have any good pictures of them being made but it’s pretty simple. Paint edges. Arrange pictures. Glue down Pictures. Add another layer or two of mod podge to seal. Drill pilot holes (don’t go all the way through!)  and screw in i-hooks. Tie wire. Done.

Cost (for two)

Pictures: $12

Wood boards: $10

Wire and i-hook:s $3

Look on coaches’ face when we presented them at the team banquet: priceless

One of my coaches is also my chemistry teacher and now has her’s hanging in her classroom:



It was a fun and useful project. Hopefully more time for more posts soon! I have a few Christmas gift projects to post on and I’m still in the middle of a few sewing patterns. Happy crafting.

The Lindsey Dress

So it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to post on something. I think I’ll start with the dress I made last summer and hopefully catch up on a few more posts the next few days. I thought it would be cool to make up my own pattern. I made the neck of  the dress follow a sports bra neck because hey, if I’m making a casual dress I can do that. It at also has an elastic waist (no zippers) and pockets. To get the pattern right, I first did a newspaper patter, then used an old sheet and finally the actual fabric. I also drew it out a couple times as seen below so I could mess with color ideas. It was a pretty good learning experience and the dress turned out well (and was cheap) so good news all around. Making a dress pattern doesn’t have to be that difficult so if you have an idea, I say go for it! Happy sewing!



Update on my projects.

For anyone interested (I am guessing the numbers are slim) I have a few projects going right now. 

First I found blue soft shell fleece (Semi water and windproof fabric with a soft thin fleece fused to the inside. Nothing to do with tacos.) in a remnant box at a fabric warehouse. $7 for 1.75 yds. I made up a jacket pattern of a couple sweatshirts and am working on sewing up the final one. The one problem is my sewing machine does not like to go through the fabric, causing skipped stitches and all sorts of frustration for me. I am getting somewhere. I would say I am currently about halfway done. The final jacket will be full zip with pockets and a collar (no hood because there was not enough fabric). Despite my frustrations in the sewing department, the pattern is coming out quite nicely and I am amazed at how well everything is fitting together and fitting me.




For a while I was working on a pattern for my prom dress but that has stalled momentarily because I haven’t found fabric and quite honestly I am scared to start because I don’t want to mess it up. Here is my latest mock up. Please ignore the ugly fabric.


I am however working on another much more casual dress pattern. If you are an athlete you will understand this one. I find it quite a life changing idea actually. Inspired by my friend Lindsey who once wore a sports bra with a dress with a normal neckline– to olive garden (might I add with running shoes), the Lindsey Dress can be worn with a sports bra. It will also hide the tan lines. I made one out of newspaper then one out of an old sheet to do a mock up. I currently have Coral fabric laid out in my basement waiting to be cut. It will have an elastic waist so I’m hoping there will be no need for a zipper. I don’t have any pictures readily available of this one though so if anyone happens to be psyched to see it I guess you just have to wait. 

I will hopefully be motivated enough to work on these projects over next few days before I am gone two weeks. I will also try to work of a couple of patterns I stated to write up this winter. Happy sewing everyone!


Painted Ocean Phone Case


First let me say that you probably shouldn’t do this to a new phone. You might regret it. Do it to a case instead. I had had my phone a while and decided I wouldn’t care if it turned out bad. (I have since lost my phone. Ahhhg!  Although often slow and glitchy, I didn’t mind enough to want a new one for the amount I use it.) Anyways. First make sure the surface you are painting on is clean, not oily or dusty. It would probably help to rub it with some fine grit sand paper as I did.


Next, If your surface isn’t white, I recommend putting on a few layers of white (or maybe another background color?).

P1040161 P1040162

Once that is dry, paint it however you like 🙂


Allow to dry again then add a few layers of Mod Podge (mine had glitter in it from a previous project-oops).

Good luck and have fun!

Newspaper dress prototype.

Thinking ahead to this summer I would like to make a dress from a self designed pattern. I started getting an idea for the shape of the pieces the other weekend by making a prototype out of newspaper and tissue paper.


Obituaries ended up on the front. Oops.  I really like the newsprint look though and now want to make a dress in newsprint patterned fabric. I’m not sure if I want to make it the length it is or make it long so it could be my prom dress. I thought doing the scale thing would be cool and look like raindrops or the ocean 🙂 The weather has finally warmed up here and it is not long before summer and sewing will return. Looking forward to the sewing but maybe not the heat. I guess one of my first projects will have to be a fabric prototype!